Our Family

If you travel a path far enough down the road it might just lead you back home.

When we traveled down the path through our southern roots it led us to discover the Evernette families best known story, that the late and great, Grandmother Lissy was a winemaker. 

A surprise to Venecia, the granddaughter of Lissy Evernette, her affinity for wine tasting, making and networking finally began to make sense. 

Venecia instantly sought out on the journey to develop the family owned wine. Rooted in love, culture and tradition. 

Our brand effortlessly embraces the future and honors the past through our specially crafted wine like our "Lissy" 2019 Proprietary Red Blend. 

The first choice for our family, and yours, now and for ever. Let the journey begin...

Before heading out to play during my summers in Aylett, Virginia, grandmother Evernette would cook us breakfast. I remember very distinct smells of pancakes, breakfast meat, applesauce, biscuits and fresh fruit. When outside playing, 

I remember the crisp country air, the smell of fresh peaches and honeysuckle when walking to the mailbox at the end of the road. Imagine that… 

Fast-forward to now, when I go back home we sit outside, enjoy the summer evening breeze and reminisce about old times.

Evernette Wines 2021 Pinot Grigio is reminiscing moments in a bottle of grandmother Evernette.